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Automatic Control for Induction Sintering of Materials for Vacuum Tubes

Author: Rouček Tomáš

Bakalářské práce 2018

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This work is about automatic system control for sintering oven in company TESLA Electrontubes which is used in process of making parts for electron tubes. Sintering is being done on ZirconCarbid covered molybdenum wire in extreme heat up to 1700°C and high vacuum up to singular mPa. Extreme conditions like these allow densification of ZrC on the surface of grids which are used in triods and tetrod tubes. Whole process is done so application of platinum onto grids is possible. In the making of this work I designed an amplification circuit to increase the gain of control voltage along with a mathematical model. The designed control system was compared to results of manually controlled procedures and it's benefits are shown.