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Modelling and control of local crystallization of sillicon using AFM tip[edit]

Author: Pavel Krejza

Bakalářské práce 2007

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The subject of this thesis is the controlled spatially localized nanocrystallization of amorphous silicon films. The function of a microscope of atomic forces is briefly described as well as physical mechanisms of crystallization of thin films. Also several visions of possible future use of silicon nanocrystals are introduced. Followed by the description of AFM and sample linkage during the experiment, an application of voltage on the probe and measuring its extremely low currents by special module attached to AFM.

The experiment is identified as a dynamical system to control. For purposes of the control a computer program is developed. A discrete PID regulation is designed. When the control problematic is better understood it eventually appears to be necessary to desing an other form of the control which is also mentioned in the thesis. At last there are several results from AFM displayed.

Bp 2007 krejza pavel.pdf