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Design and Construction Device for Unsoldering SMT Component from printed circuit board[edit]

Author: Antonín Šiler

Bakalářské práce 2011

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The main aim of my work was to get knowledge about the technology of soldering and also with the possibilities of exchanging SMD components on a DPS. I was also supposed to design and construct a device that has to remove a component from the printed circuit board after heating it up. In the other words it must remove the component from the molten solder and then separate the component from the printed circuit board. The device must also be able to unsolder big scale of components of different sizes, from the small resistors to big SMD components. Mainly it has to be able to unsolder the components that have a lot of terminals because in that case is very difficult to do it manually. The machine must be small so it can be used for transit through the continuous furnace and than it can unsolder also the components quickly. Next it should be simple, not so expensive, mechanically and thermally resistant. Last but not the least thing is that this work includes the description and the possibility of use of this new equipment in practice and also drawings of the developed device.

Bp 2011 siler antonin.pdf