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Project of a security system for a family house[edit]

Author: Jan Pistulka

Bakalářské práce 2011

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Bachelor thesis focuses on reasons why it is so important to protect people and their property. It briefly describes historical evolution of safety technique, standards and directives, which are necessary for the installation of alarm systems. It describes different types of protection. The main goal is not to comprise all details, but to create a general survey. Thesis also characterizes available types of alarm systems made by Honneywell, Paradox Security and Jablotron. Their characteristics are summed up in an enclosed table. The final part of the thesis is focused on a project of family house security – it includes positional scheme, plans of each floor with its proportions and especially a description of two possible ways of security – economical and a complete one. It also includes plans of sensitive elements location, pricing of the whole project and plans of detector locations.

Bp 2011 pistulka jan.pdf