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Design of electronic timing for subject A3B99RO Robots[edit]

Author: Erik Janoušek

Bakalářské práce 2011

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In this dissertation you will find development of electronic chronometer from initial design of electronic scheme, through designing of PCB with maximal effort to EMC compatibility, as well as programming of microprocessor, programming of user interface for PC followed by mechanical assembly. Control board contains Freescale MC9S08AW60 microprocessor, this board provides receiving and processing of input signals (start/stop from button and optical gates, reset of time, set time-scale), sending output information to boards for displaying and communication with PC. Displaying time segments is performed by power shift registers. Communication between device and PC is done by USB interface, however on board itself is UART-USB converter (serial line), so communication to/from microprocessor follows the standard RS232. The user interface is programmed in C#.

Bp 2011 janousek erik.pdf