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Passive NAT detection using HTTP access logs[edit]

Author: Komárek Tomáš

Diplomové práce 2015

Download thesis in PDF

Network devices performing NAT prove to be a double edge sword. They can easily overcome the problem with the deficit of IPv4 addresses as well as introduce a vulnerability to the network. Therefore detecting NAT devices is an important task in the network security domain. In this thesis, a novel passive NAT detection algorithm is proposed. It infers NAT devices in the networks using statistical behavior analysis of HTTP logs. These network traffic data are often already collected and available at proxy servers, which enables the wide applicability of the solution. On the basis of our experimental evaluations, proposed algorithm detection capabilities are better than the state-of-the art NAT detection approaches.

Dp 2015 komarek tomas.pdf
P 2015 komarek tomas.pdf