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Modeling and simulation of glass fiber drawing[edit]

Author: Havel Petr

Diplomové práce 2003

A technological process of glass fiber production is highly dependent on the temperature and viscosity of molten glass at the location where the fiber is drawn. Therefore we need a model able to demonstrate dependencies of these process variables on control variables and external disturbances of the system. This thesis represents a novel approach of modeling such systems. We first simplify the real distributed-parameters system to lumped-parameters system and then use a bond-graph method to create the model. Despite high level of simplification and abstraction of the real system the devised model proved to be satisfactory in showing major effects and correlation between the variables in the system. Contrary to a finite-elements method our way of simulation is much less computationally demanding. Thus the model could serve as a tool for verifying new control strategies or possible construction modifications applied to the production process.