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Software for processing and visualisation of proces data of a CNC[edit]

Author: Martin Knotek

Bakalářské práce 2006

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The goal of this bachelor thesis was to create a PC software prepared for connecting to the Intronix Company hardware. The hardware is designed for three-axis CNC milling machine control.

The program was written for a real-time operating system ETS PharLap and it consists of three blocks. The first block of the program provides a partprogram specification by means of Gcodes, a partprogram editing and saving possibility and a syntax, sense and correctness verification for CNC milling machine control.

The second block creates a well-arranged and easy-to-use graphical environment with the projection of a programmed machining course and of process data, as for example actual positions of axes and the traversing speed.

As the last block, it was written an interpolator for the generating of positions and speeds for the machining according to a programmed course by a real speed in a real time. Subsequently, it was written a simulator for a graphical representation of interpolator outputs. The output of the interpolator, represented by the actual position of axes, is determined as the input to the device program which controls power blocks of step motors.

Bp 2006 knotek martin.pdf