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Motor controller for biped robot[edit]

Author: Rakovec Martin

Bakalářské práce 2009

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Main goal of this bachelor thesis was propose new version of power and measuring electronics for servomotor of the robot Spejbl. Within the work there was tested library which implements programming interface VCA on microcomputer. For this purpose arose software for testing which discovered failings of this library and software which shows correct use of this library. Library was documented as well. New version of power and mea- suring electronics was proposed. That using sensing resistors and instrumentation amplifier for substraction of voltage drop. Current measurement is bipolar owing to pseudoground on the apmlifier output. This electronics has some flaws due to incorrect choice of instru- mentation amplifier. Current controller tuning was unsuccessful and reason of bad current control wasn't discovered.

Bp 2009 rakovec martin.pdf