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Data processing and measure tools for neurological laboratory[edit]

Author: Korec Jiří

Bakalářské práce 2009

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The bachelor thesis discusses posturography and scoring results used COP parameters. The results were measured by posturography measure systems. It explains the general concept posturography. The first goal of this paper work is the market analysis. The market analysis is scoring and comparing individual measure systems using in posturography. The systems are judging in term of technical parameters and using the measure systems in research. The second part discusses about individual types of measuring on the posturographic platform and about methods for scoring individual measured data. This part includes motivation and scoring real data by used COP parameters. The goal of this paper work is to create a computer programme, which will be scoring required COP parameters and try to find the boundary values of scored COP parameters, which would create a possibility to distinguish the healthy people (standards) from patients.

Bp 2009 korec jiri.pdf