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Support of education at Department of Control Engineering (Helicopter)[edit]

Author: Šemelíková Adéla

Bakalářské práce 2006

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My graduation thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is focused on the identification and control of an electromechanical model of a helicopter. The model of the helicopter is a typical non-linear MIMO system. It can be linearized to a linear model when operating near the steady state. The aim of the identification is to identify the relationship between the angle of azimuth and the main and tail rotor voltage. These relationships are represented by a transfer matrix. The transfer function from the tail rotor voltage to the azimuth has been used for the controller design. The controller is able to control the azimuth according to the required input value.

The second part of my graduation thesis is focused on the linearization and simplification of non-linear systems. This part covers basic theoretical knowledge, examples with solutions illustrated on real systems and additional examples with a key. The aim of the additional examples is to motivate students to deal with this topic. The basic mathematical theory used for linearization of non-linear systems is provided by the appendix. The second part with the appendix will be incorporated into a web guide. This web guide should improve the quality of education in the Department of Control Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague.

Bp 2006 semelikova adela.pdf