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Control circuit for stick-slip drives

Author: Skorunka Martin

Bakalářské práce 2009

Download thesis in PDF

This bachelor’s thesis deals with design of controler for stick-slip linear motor in a way that it could be used for universal purposes and various types of aplications. As a model for this aplication there has been used multifunctional I/O board MF624 from company Humusoft. Main advantage of this aplication should be simple realization of time critical aplications. In the beginning, this project considers a choise of used components. Then a choice for a proper hardware platform is being made, mentioning certain pros and cons. The last part is a study on the solutions of particular problems that emerged during the hardware and software implementation process. The result of this project is a tool that supports solutions to projects where strict time criteria apears and needs to be met.

Bp 2009 skorunka martin.pdf