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[[Diplomové práce 2009]]
[[Diplomové práce 2009]]
[[Media:Dp_ 2009_vit_jiri.pdf|Download thesis in PDF]]
[[Media:Dp_2009_vit_jiri.pdf|Download thesis in PDF]]
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* '''JABLOCOM s.r.o.''', mailto:www.jablocom.com
* '''JABLOCOM s.r.o.''', mailto:www.jablocom.com
[[Soubor:ion of Use of GNU/Linux Operating System for Security Camera EYE-02=
'''Author''': Vít Jiří                   
[[Diplomové práce 2009]]
[[Media:Dp_ 2009_vit_jiri.pdf|thumb|left]]

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Evaluation of Use of GNU/Linux Operating System for Security Camera EYE-02[edit]

Author: Vít Jiří

Diplomové práce 2009

Download thesis in PDF

370 dp.gif

This diploma thesis focuses on usability of the Linux operation system in security camera JABLOCOM EYE-02. This camera is equipped with Atmel AT91SAM9260 microcontroller.

In the first part is shortly described the way how the operation system has been prepared for the use in this device. This is followed by some introduction to Linux device drivers, their usual structure and development methods. Next chapters describe driver development for some devices used in the camera, this is CMOS video sensor and PIR motion sensor. The video sensor is connected to the microprocessor using specialised ISI interface, so the thesis presents two drivers – one for the video sensor a one for the ISI, which is in the kernel not yet supported. The conclusion describes reached results and possibilities of future development.

Dp 2009 vit jiri.pdf