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=Module for Control of Underfloor Heating=
'''Author''': Kašpárek Martin                   
'''Author''': Kašpárek Martin                   

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Module for Control of Underfloor Heating

Author: Kašpárek Martin

Diplomové práce 2009

Project deals with designing of floor heating management unit which is part of more complex intelligent heating management system used in buildings. Advantages and disadvantages of floor heating, communication uLAN protocol, microcontroller LPC2148, heat sensor and IRC regulation are described in the theoretical part. The practical part describes each single part of the scheme, printed circuit board design and milling of the box. Project also includes implementing of basic software. The application is designed to manage eight telemetric heads based on the information received from heat sensors and other information acquired from devices communicating on RS-485 BUS using uLAN protocol.