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* '''Ramba Jan''', tel: +420 608 963 817, mailto:jan.ramba@gmail.com
* '''Ramba Jan''', tel: +420 608 963 817, mailto:jan.ramba@gmail.com

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Remote Call of Optimization Tools

Author: Ramba Jan

Diplomové práce 2009

Download thesis in PDF

334 dp.gif

This thesis deals with the remote job scheduler system. The implemented system's core functionality lies in enabling users to easily formulate a job and transport it to a remote server in a reliable and secure way. The server queues the problems to the database and submits the job to solvers based on their current importance. Jobs are returned the same way after they are fnished. This solution makes it possible to move time and CPU demanding jobs to a remote server, leaves the client computer free for other work during a job execution and removes the need to login to a remote server and manually insert the job to a solver.

Using Web Services as the input interface makes the system compatible with large number of clients and makes it easy to generate new clients.

Dp 2009 ramba jan.pdf