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[[Diplomové práce 2009]]
[[Diplomové práce 2009]]
[[Media:Dp_2009_ton_ondrej.pdf|Download thesis in PDF]]

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Orientation in space

Author: Ton Ondřej

Diplomové práce 2009

Download thesis in PDF

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The aim of this diploma thesis was to design an obstacle detection system for space navigation focused on the mobile devices models developed at the Department of Control Engineering CTU. It summarized the basic methods of measuring the depth map of the scene, of which chosen method is stereovision. This method has been analysed and applied to the selected signal DSP processor Blackfin ADSP-BF61 using a specified hardware platform of development kit complemented by an expansion module with two CMOS cameras.

Firstly, the algorithmization of a simple and fast stereovision algorithm was implemented in Matlab. Later on, it was applied to the chosen signal processor. An effective correspondence search between stereoscopic images of outside world acquired by 2 CMOS cameras is being carried out via rectification and calibration of a stereoscopic image pair. In conclusion, the work summarizes the results of implemented methods and possible improvements to the proposal.