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* '''Táborský Zdeněk''', tel: +420 775 070 111, mailto:taborak@centrum.cz
* '''Táborský Zdeněk''', tel: +420 775 070 111, mailto:taborak@centrum.cz
* '''Ing. Němeček Pavel''', mailto:nemecep1@fel.cvut.cz
* '''Ing. Němeček Pavel''', mailto:nemecep1@fel.cvut.cz

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Ultrasonic Underwater Communicator

Author: Táborský Zdeněk

Diplomové práce 2009

Download thesis in PDF

323 dp.gif

The subject of this diploma thesis is a design and a realization of device for information transmission under the water by using ultrasound. Concrete form allows sending text messages, user interface consists of a display and special keyboard, which use magnetic sensors. The aim of the work is a full design and manufacturing of functional prototype. It includes a choice of fundamental principle, assembling of communication chain, selection of all components, design of circuit diagram, making of layout for printed circuit boards and subsequent placement of components and testing functionality. The work is further aimed at implementation of basic software for microcontroller, creation theoretical concept of communication protocol and design of waterproof case.

Dp 2009 taborsky zdenek.pdf