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Equipment for stop time and stop distance measurement

Author: Vopršal Michal

Diplomové práce 2007

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These diploma thesis presents the design of an equipment for stop time and stop distance measurement. The first section describes an algorithm-design for measuring and wiring of the whole equipment.

The next sections describe the construction of two bulit-up versions and subsequently the creation of firmware for the processor and software for computer. Debugging, testing of particular parts and ascertained errors are described there as well.

The stop time is measured very exactly by this device. The results of stop distance measuring depends on velocity of the IRC sensor and hence they are mostly not satisfactory. This problem is caused by an unsuitable design of the printed circuit.

The greatest failure of this thesis is malfunction of the program controling the keyboard which limits servicing of the device and data handling.

The conclusion contains list of all reached results and solutions for elimination of the mistakes in next versions.

Dp 2007 voprsal michal.pdf
Dp 2007 voprsal michal.pdf