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Tool for drawing Gantt charts by Metapost[edit]

Author: Karolík Antonín

Diplomové práce 2007

Download thesis in PDF


Postcript Gantt chart generator (Psgantt) is a perl script enable to generate Gantt diagrams.

The diagrams are generated through Metapost - programming language for pictures drawing. Psgantt loads data from the input file in XML format. Psgantt adds information about way of their appearance according the Cascading Style Sheets definition (CSS). All data will be used for creating the source file, which can be then compiled by Metapost. The output is a picture in EPS format. The name Psgantt is taken from the process described above. Moreover Psgantt is able to transform this EPS pictures to PDF format, which is the most used format for electronic typesetting.

Psgantt emphasizes a good portability. It can be used in Unix like systems as well as in Microsoft Windows. Psgantt has been developed in close cooperation with TORSCHE Scheduling Toolbox for Matlab.

Dp 2007 karolik antonin.pdf