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* '''Vozár Václav''', mailto:venca.sax@email.cz
* '''Vozár Václav''', mailto:venca.sax@email.cz
* '''Ing. Burget Pavel''', mailto:burgetpa@fel.cvut.cz
* '''Ing. Burget Pavel''', mailto:burgetpa@fel.cvut.cz

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Building Automation[edit]

Author: Václav Vozár

Diplomové práce 2005

Download thesis in PDF


Recent buildings have been built with respect to the flexibility in the room layout, energy savings possibilities and techniques, and remote monitoring and control. Communication networks provide efficient means to accomplish such tasks and requirements. We have developed a model of an administrative building which uses LonWorks, DALI and EnOcean communication networks and shows various possibilities of network configuration, available devices and building functionalities. Various schemes of the building behaviour are presented relating to the occupancy of inner rooms, energy consumption, etc.

Dp 2005 vaclav vozar.pdf