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* '''Otakar Šprdlík ''', mailto:ota_sprdlik@centrum.cz
* '''Otakar Šprdlík ''', mailto:ota_sprdlik@centrum.cz
[[Soubor:Diz 2012 sprdlik otakar.pdf]] [[Soubor:Diz 39 hlavacka frantisek.pdf]] [[Soubor:Diz 39 simandl miroslav.pdf]] [[Soubor:Diz 39 veltink peter.pdf]]
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[[ Kategorie: Disertační práce - Anotace ]]
[[ Kategorie: Disertační práce - Anotace ]]
[[ Kategorie:2012 ]]
[[ Kategorie:2012 ]]

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Detection and Estimation of Human Movement Using Inertial Sensors: Applications in Neurology[edit]

Author: Otakar Šprdlík

Disertační práce 2012

Download thesis in PDF

The thesis documents studies and brings several methods in the field of accelerometer calibration for the use in humans and in the field of tremor quantification by means of inertial sensors. A study of accelerometer calibration from in-use gathered quasi-static data brings a proposal to use different ellipsoid fitting methods and comparison of the methods in synthetic data. In tremor, attitude estimation is used to study different acceleration measurement components. The measurements are also successfully used to regress the tremor intensity evaluation done by trained clinicians. Attitude estimation accuracy during tremor is studied and several conclusions about the estimator construction are given. As a tool used in the study of attitude estimation accuracy, a method of finding mutual orientation of two attitude measurement systems is proposed.

Diz 2012 sprdlik otakar.pdf
Diz 39 hlavacka frantisek.pdf
Diz 39 simandl miroslav.pdf
Diz 39 veltink peter.pdf