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[[Soubor:Diz_2010_spinka_ondrej.pdf]] [[Soubor:Diz 26 buttazzo giorgio.pdf]] [[Soubor:Diz 26 cernohorsky jindrich.pdf]] [[Soubor:Diz 26 zalud ludek.pdf]]
[[Soubor:Diz_2010_spinka_ondrej.pdf]] [[Soubor:Diz 26 buttazzo giorgio.pdf]] [[Soubor:Diz 26 cernohorsky jindrich.pdf]] [[Soubor:Diz 26 zalud ludek.pdf]]
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[[ Kategorie:2010 ]]

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RAMA - a Low-Cost Modular Control System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Author: Ondřej Špinka

Disertační práce 2010

Download thesis in PDF

This thesis presents a modular control system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the RAMA control system. RAMA is a universal, lightweight and compact autopilot for small UAVs, designed and built at the Department of Control Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. RAMA is designed as a modular, distributed, hierarchical system, designed with emphasis on reliability and safety. It is fault-tolerant, implementing a novel architecture, utilizing the graceful degradation and a simple reconfiguration techniques to maintain the most critical functions. RAMA serves as a relatively cheap, open and modular research platform, allowing to test various hardware and software solutions and data acquisition and control algorithms. The data and technical expertise is publicly shared, allowing other researchers, interested in the field, to participate on the project, or to use our results to support their own work. RAMA is an excellent platform for student work, mainly in the form of semestral or graduation projects. It is also an outstanding tool for the PR (Public Relations) and advertising purposes, attracting attention of future students. The design and construction, both hardware and software wise, along with the control algorithms and testing results, are shown in this document.

Diz 2010 spinka ondrej.pdf Diz 26 buttazzo giorgio.pdf Diz 26 cernohorsky jindrich.pdf Diz 26 zalud ludek.pdf