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Graphical user interface of optimization tool[edit]

Author: Michal Orlík

Bakalářské práce 2007

Download thesis in PDF

Bin packing problem is beeing studied on Department of Control Engineering at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague. To give us possibility to present results of optimalization algorithms, this GUI (Graphic User Interface) was implemented. Making this algorithms in not part of this work. We suppose that the algorithms will run on powerful server while the visualization will run on local machines connected to the server.

Program is written in C# language. For the projection of the container and stock, the Direct3D technology is applied. This program allows to its users to work with containers, to load and project stock in interactive way. The scene can be turned and zoomed, the stock can be added or removed. Also the automatic loading of stock can be used.

Bp 2007 orlik michal.pdf