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Editor of graphs for Scheduling toolbox TORSCHE[edit]

Author: Vojtěch Navrátil

Bakalářské práce 2006

Download thesis in PDF

In order to this project I inquire into creation of GUI with utilization of system Handle Graphics implemented in Matlab. The purpose of my work is to create user-friendly editor of graphs and their properties Graphedit, which will work as a part of Scheduling toolbox TORSCHE. An introduction of the work is focused on basic operations with Matlab’s graphical objects and on design of GUI and its realization. It is followed by description of Graphedit’s functions import, export from/to Matlab’s workspace, loading, saving from/to binary mat-file, drawing of nodes, edges, deleting mode etc. Another part attends to implementation of plugins. Plugins give to user possibility of adding functions, which belong to graph parts of Scheduling toolbox or which user implements by self.

Bp 2006 navratil vojtech.pdf