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Web support of training in the Allen-Bradley Laboratory

Author: Lukáš Bundil

Bakalářské práce 2011

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The aim of this bachelor´s work was to create the source materials and documents to work with laboratory models which are located in the Allen-Bradley Laboratory (K23). These models are used to support training at the Department of Control Engineering. Mentioned models are Inverted pendulum P1, Servomechanism S1, Servomechanism S2, Ball and Beam K1 and Thermal system T1. For these purposes, the photographs of models were taken, the general descriptions of individual models, information for students and teachers and assignments for the identification and management of laboratory models were made. All informations are placed on the website of laboratory that were created for those purposes and are supposed to support the training and serve students and teachers in the classroom.

Bp 2011 bundil lukas.pdf