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A project of improvement of the house security system[edit]

Author: Venclík Vlastimil

Bakalářské práce 2010

Download thesis in PDF

Thesis of my work aims to introduce new project of security of family house and it´s improvement from current status. This project is assessed in modern trends in safety technique and possibilities of enriching security of GSM module.Possible security risks were removed and safety of the entire system was significantly increased. Individual elements, including simple installations diagrams, are described in next parts. I have also included the pricing for three variants of guarding the house in new projects of security.All of new designs have optional additional elements, which are increasing the comfort of living. Certainly entrance camera system or separate GSM camera will satisfy these demands. The flyer of possible sale of security system is presented at the end of this work.

Bp 2010 venclik vlastimil.pdf