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* '''Havel Petr''', mailto:havelp@fel.cvut.cz
* '''Havel Petr''', mailto:havelp@fel.cvut.cz

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Analysis of control system for biomass steam boiler[edit]

Author: Marek Michal

Bakalářské práce 2010

Download thesis in PDF

307 fig.gif

The goal of the thesis was to suggest an optimal solution for a medial-performance heating plant suffering from undesirable oscillations of the outcoming quantities - electric energy and superheated steam flow. The heating plant is provided with a specific combustion equipment, which uses biomass as a raw material. Therefore it also requires a specific regulation circuits. The starting point of the problem was to study the regulation circuits electronical devices. Based on identification of the control circuits and analyses of the collected data, I desribed possible dynamic responses of the regulated quantities. This desription showed which regulation networks influence the negative values of the outcoming quantities. The thesis results in offering proposals for elimination or even nullification of the undesirable effects.

Bp 2010 marek michal.pdf