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Temperature control

Author: Jonáš Karel

Bakalářské práce 2008

This bachelor thesis deals with the system realization for feedback temperature control. The first part is focused on design, implementation and identification of the physical model of the heating system. This model consists of the electrical heating, cooling system (controlling the fan) and temperature sensor. The model of the heating system is MIMO system which must be greatly simplified. The transfer functions from the heating voltage and cooling voltage to the measured temperature have been used for theoretical design of PID controllers for heating and cooling. There has been applied the Root-Locus design method and controller setting from the step response in this thesis. Real model of the heat system has been controlled in reality by the digital controller E5CK from Omron company. This modern feedback controller is able to control independent heating system or heating system together with cooling system, because it contains two control outputs for two manipulated variables.

Result of the work presented here has been the real regulating process that will be used in some courses (such as Instrumentation of Processes or Principles of Control) taught in the Department of Control Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague.