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GUI for PID controllers design[edit]

Author: Karel Jonáš

Bakalářské práce 2008

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The purpose of this bachelor thesis - GUI for PID controllers design was to create in MATLAB a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) for PID (Proportional's Integral's Derivative) controllers design and tuning. The design method is usable for any linear system, where we know a plant model - its transfer function. It's based on a frequency design methods, which use the shaping of the open-loop transfer function in the Nyquist diagram according to the phase or gain margin entered by user. The designed PID controllers should satisfy all the specific user requirements, especially the specified phase or gain margin and the desired maximum steady error to a unit step or ramp of a desired setpoint.

The result of the controller design is a graphical visualization of a plane with para- meters values of the controller, which satisfy all these requirements. A part of the GUI is also a display of step and frequency responses for the concrete selected parameters values of the controller.

Bp 2008 jonas karel.pdf