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Possibilities for using CAS to compute[edit]

Author: Jiří Mikolášek

Bakalářské práce 2007

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This thesis deals with computer algebra and using them to compute greatest common divisor. It offers an overview of free available computer algebra systems, requirements to operating system, eventually hardware, an overview of web sites these systems and possibilities for using them to compute greatest common divisor of multivariable polynomials.

It is focusing on using algorithms to compute greatest common divisor in control theory mainly in way algebraic (polynomial) methods of control solution to diophantine equations. Main contens is testing algorithms using to compute greatest common divisor, testing some computer algebra systems in term of rate during compute greatest common divisor of polynomials degree 1 up to 5000 and 1 up to 5 variables and comparison systems on the basis of tests and graphical illustration.

Bp 2007 mikolasek jiri.pdf